Finding yourself in Hagiga

Hagiga, is the Bedouin name for truth, a mountain range situated about 15 mins from Dahab, South Sinai, absorb the energy of these natural surroundings, discover hidden pathways, meditate in the canyon, move to the rhythms of the elements or simply sit and absorb the healing energies within the mystical rock formations that hold the records and imagery of time and space. Join us on our journey into these magical, mystical mountains and experience traditional Bedouin life at Hagiga with its extraordinary night sky and illuminating moon. The facilities are basic, with a shower, toilet, kitchen and open indoor area. Meals are prepared in traditional Bedouin style cooked outside on an open fire.
A comfortable environment with basic modern facilities has been created which makes it possible for groups to experience a traditional Bedouin life.

Mandala Meditation

Mandala Meditation is an alchemical tool, the Sacred Discs, our 9 centres of light, reflects our conscious states of development, and the infinite potential that lies within. Mandalas, from the Sanskrit meaning the “sacred round” are a creative expression of the self, guiding us to shape the space that exists within our limitations, whilst gaining strength from our centres of light, we learn to respond to the patterns within the rhythms of life. Each centre of light works like a transmitter which communicates to us through our physical, emotional and mind bodies, and we in turn respond through our actions, feelings and thoughts. Through self analyses, reflection and contemplation we are guided to the conscious states of our self development and the power that lies within our own true nature.
These unique workshops have been designed to take us on a journey of self discovery to enhance and develop the intuition in a creative and systematic way.

Mandala Meditation Workshops
Introductory 35.00
One Day 65.00
3 Day Course 95.00

Bedouin Dinner & Accommodation

Evening: 10 Euro, includes transfers, Traditional Bedouin Tea & Bread
Day Trip: 35 Euro, includes transfers, light lunch, Bedouin Dinner and all soft drinks supplied.
Overnight Stay: 55 Euro, Full Board including transfers and soft drinks
Additional nights thereafter: 25 Euro

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