Activities in Dahab

Quadbike Have real fun on a Quadbike Tour: From 2 hour day-trips to overnight safaris in the desert.

Discover local culture Be more than a tourist - discover the real life behind the promenade. You will take an unforgettable experience of arabic hospitality and joy of life with you.

Massage & Beauty Too much stress? Massage offers the ultimate solution to these damaging effects of accumulated stress and aid in harmonizing a troubled body and mind.

Bicycle Rental Bicycle tours are fun! Cycle the 3 km promenade to the blue laguna or to Eel Garden. Or make a daytrip to Blue Hole.

Horseriding/Camel Tours You will find a lot of people offering you horseriding trips along laguna, to the wadis around or even to Blue Hole.

Boat Trip Boat trip for snorkelling or fishing, via Napoleon Reef, Laguna Reef, The Island

Yoga & Fitness The simple and spiritual life of the first visitors of Dahab is still visible. Here you can find a lot of special Yoga, fitness and beauty offers.

Rock Climbing/Sandboarding in Sinai The quiet and mysterious mountains of the sinai desert offer you some special possibilities for rock climbing. Check it out!

Snorkelling EXPLORE THE STUNNING BEAUTY OF DAHAB'S REEF. A range of escorted snorkelling experiences in and around Dahab ...

Glassboat/Submarine You can admire the most beautiful reefs of Dahab in a glass boat simply and comfortably. From comfortable seats, you can enjoy the extraordinary underwater world.

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