Rock Climbing- Sandboarding in Sinai

Climbing in Sinai - a quiet experience Copyright: desert divers

Rock Climbing in Sinai
The very quiet and mysterious mountains of the Sinai desert offer you some special possibilities for rock climbing. Check it out!

The climbing is in 2 main areas: Wadi Gnai (close to Dahab) for sports, bouldering & trad, and St Catherine (2 hours away), with stricly trad (absolutely no bolting allowed) and yet more boulders.

There are different routes for all levels of climbers or preferences, from beginner to expert. Rocks consist of mostly hard sandstone or granite in vorious colors. Climbing is organised on a person by person basis - groups who stay more than 2 weeks can combine climbing in the Sinai with a climbing-trip to Jordan.

Sandboarding in Sinai
Try now sandboarding in Sinai at Safra Sand Dune
Departure at 9 Am and return at 4 pm
Inclusive of transportation, equipment and lunch
Minimum 4 person
Price 250 Le per person

Try Climbing: 55 euro
Sportsclimbing & Bouldering: 45 euro per day
Tradclimbing: minimum 4 days, 50-60 euro per day

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