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Masbat Map Dahab The seafront or "masbat" is the place where the first tourists arrived to enjoy the beautiful beach. Its still the pittoresque centre of the town - here you will find the best and colourful restaurants, cheap hotels and nearly all of the traditional "camps".

Dahab City Map Dahab City is the southern part of Dahab. Along the sandy blue laguna you will find the most beautiful (and expensive) hotels of Dahab, including Hilton or Iberotel Dahabeya. Nearly all surf-activities are centered in this area. In Dahab-City you find as well nearly all official buildings like central bus-station, postal office, city-offices and the main bank.

Mashraba Map / Dahab Mashraba is the south-eastern part of Dahab with a long beach, nice hotels with western standard, and some restaurants. Its a beautiful, very quiet and relaxing area.

Assala Map / Dahab Assala is the old bedouin village in the northern parts of the Delta. Most of the local bedouin and egyptian inhabitants live here. The beach part in the north of Dahab (see picture) is called Eel Garden, from the divespot nearby.

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