Eel Gardens

The Eel Garden, as the name would suggest, is the home to Dahab's largest colony of garden eels.
After a wade across the reef shelf we enter the water at a channel in the reef shelf, be careful with your buoyancy and where you put your fins when you enter, the living reef is all around. Heading out we pass over a coral ridge and head down to meet the eels. Garden Eels live in permanent tubular burrows on the sandy bottom, you can see them standing upright, heads bent into the current picking at passing food.
After the eels we move along and up the sandy slope to the fringing reef. The corals here are amongst the most beautiful and colourful in all of Dahab.

The constant moving away of the eels and the sliding slope give you the feeling of being on a totally different planet. Apart from the eels there is a wide array of aquatic life and wonderful coral, among which is an L-shaped pinnacle with overhanging soft coral, usually surrounded by fish.
The Eel garden is best snorkeled at at high tide and with little wind.
The entry / exit in the lagoon there is lovely, but on windy days there can be a strong current and not advisable to go snorkeling.

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