Being at the sheltered end of Dahab bay with its gradually sloping sandy bottom, the “Lighthouse” is favourite for training, refresh dives and buoyancy checks. It’s easy to overlook what a great dive site it is.
There are many large coral towers or “bombies” which are covered in corals and surrounded by abundant sea life. Those who have only done this dive during training should return and dive it again to 30 meters (when they have their advanced), it’s a different dive completely and surprises all that do it.
Turtles, Morays, large Napoleon and Eagle Rays are all seen here regularly.

The "Lighthouse" is known as the training-site of Dahab and shows us an amazing reef.
It has a sandy slope that is ideal for snorkeling, revealing some large and beautiful coral pinnacles.
The reef itself goes along a rocky point, with a mirage of soft and hard corals. The aquatic life at the Lighthouse is amazingly varied. You can find turtles, damselfish, clownfish, stonefish, lionfish, morays, rays, and a huge number of unicorn fish here.
Even dolphins have been spotted here…

Note; don’t bother looking for a lighthouse, its set back away from the beach and completely outshone by the neighbouring mosque.

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