Reef Island

This site got its name from the two big coral islands just offshore and has the largest selection of corals in the area. The Islands show over 130 coral-types and have the biggest brain and cabbage coral around Dahab.
Apart from living coral, the site also has some interesting 'broken coral'. A few years ago there was an earthquake that made some of the pinnacles break off.

Nowadays that fallen coral gives a marvelous effect at what is called 'the bone yard'. One of the exits of the site is a small and narrow tunnel at a depth of two meters. Lovely, but not recommended for anyone with claustrophobia ….
The "Islands" is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sites in Dahab.
Not to be missed!
Plenty off big groupers, glittering anthias, glassfish, napoleons, lion fish and barracudas are to be seen.

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