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Volunteer Rangers

Volunteer Rangers
A project of the Dahab Association for Environmental Development (D.A.E.D.)

Many tourists come to Dahab each year to see the beautiful reefs, whilst snorkeling or diving. The reef in Dahab is a fringing reef and is close to countless human activities. It is not very wide, and quickly descends to great depths. We not only need good diving and snorkeling practices on the reef, but also good habits out of the water, to give the reef a chance to survive for future generations by reducing the impact of humans upon it.

For this reason an environmental N.G.O. was created in Dahab in 2003, the Dahab Association for Environmental Development (D.A.E.D). In 2006, a project was created under the D.A.E.D. in cooperation with the National Parks, called the Volunteer Rangers. A group of motivated locals participated in 4 days of training. They then organised and coordinated 4 environmental projects, in order to receive the title of Volunteer Ranger. Their ID card allowed them to represent the National Parks in Dahab, as at the time, the staff of Nabq Protected Area was based in Sharm El Sheikh.

Since 2006, 48 locals have received the Volunteer Rangers training. Seven of all the participants completed the training as well as all 4 projects and gained the title and ID card of the Volunteer Rangers. These 7 Volunteer Rangers have loyally supported the environmental projects in Dahab and their help in promoting a positive environmental message has been highly valued.

All Volunteer Ranger activities were supervised by Ayman Mabrouk, Manager of Nabq Protected Area from 2003 to 2009. Since he is not in this position anymore, Volunteer Ranger activities have stopped and no more training sessions will be offered.

Here are some of the projects organised by Volunteer Rangers and Volunteer Ranger Trainees


Assala Beach Cleanup Volunteer Rangers Beach Cleanup 15th April 2007 Assalah Beach Dahab On Sunday the 15th of April a group of volunteers managed to clean about 1 kilometre of beach, starting from the Eel Garden SS...

Lagoona Cleanup *BEACH CLEAN-UP* *TUESDAY 23rd JANUARY* *Can you help? * *Meet at the divers shade * *any time from 10am to 4pm** * *Phone Jess: 010 6361744 * * or Jenny: 012 1233196* *VOLUNTEER RANGER TRAIN...

New Entry Marker System The coast of Dahab consists of fringing reef very close to shore. This easy accessibility helps to make Dahab such a popular diving and snorkelling destination, but also means the reef is under hea...

Removal of Tyres Dive planned this week to remove tyres from the reef and bring them to collection point ready for removal.

Gabr El Bint Reef Collapse A large section of the reef wall at Gabr El Bint collapsed in April.

Liaison with Hemaya to Promote Recycling in Dahab A major threat to the reef and marine life is rubbish especially plastic bags, plastic bottles and cigarette butts

Ras Abu Gallum Cleanup An SSDM-project in cooperation with the bedouins at Ras Abu Gallum collected 100 bags of rubbish this month.

Net removal tour Unfortunately, probably because of rough weather and difficult conditions on the reef, nets get stuck and eventually abandoned if they cannot be easily removed. Jenny Linnell and Bert van der Togt, two Volunteer Rangers, organised the removal of four discarded nets.

Reef Cleanup On the 8th June 2006 for World Oceans Day, Claire Newton, a Volunteer Ranger Trainee, organised a beach cleanup in Wadi Ginai

Many other projects have been organised such as the replacement of a fallen gorgonian in the Lighthouse by Bert van der Togt, a thorough survey of the Canyon by Jonty Laycock, Bert van der Togt, Jessica Bouwmeester and the help of many other people, a continuous turtle survey by Ian Penberthy and Jenny Linnell, and seminars in dive centres by Jessica Bouwmeester.

See our presentations in TOTA:
- Turtles
- Sharks (Powerpoint, 6 MB [4.607 KB] )
- to be continued ...

Environmental activities of the Dahab Association for Environmental Development (D.A.E.D.) continue under the name of Dahab Environmental Support Centre (D.E.S.C.), with Jessica Bouwmeester as Executive Manager and Ayman Mabrouk as Project Manager. Activities are mainly educational but also include regular beach cleanups and an ongoing turtle sightings database in Dahab. More information on: www.descproject.org. You can also contact us by e-mail at volunteer.rangers@gmail.com

Thanks to Karin Bavinck , Jessica Bouwmeester, Emese Liliom, Jenny Linell, Ian Penberthy and Bert van der Togt for their contribution as Volunteer Rangers.

Very special thanks to Ayman Mabrouk, who permitted the Volunteer Rangers project during his position as Manager of Nabq Protected Area and allowed them to support the National Parks with local environmental projects.

Many thanks to dahab-info.com for providing this webpage since 2006.

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