Reef Cleanup

On the 8th June 2006 for World Oceans Day, Claire Newton, a Volunteer Ranger Trainee, organised a beach cleanup in Wadi Ginai, an area very much affected by the presence of plastic bags coming from Dahab with the wind. If they are not removed, most of those plastic bags would end up in the sea, getting eventually entangled in the corals or injested by turtles mistaking them for jellyfish. Over 1.5km of beach was cleaned, 137 bags of rubbish were collected and sent with a Hemaya truck to their recycling centre. The cleanup was supported by Reef 2000, Club Dahab, Dahab City Council, Blue Beach Hotel, Carm Inn restaurant, Full Moon Café, Mary Café, Dive Urge, Divers Down Under, Happy Life Village and Orca.

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