Security for divers - the recompression chambers

Since September 25, Dahab has even 2 recompression chambers - Security for divers has dramatically increased.

The newest chamber has been build by Deco International, the first Egyptian-German company specialized in underwater medical emergencies in Egypt. The company was founded in November 1998 in El-Gouna, 20 kilometers north of Hurghada / Red Sea. The company installed its first Recompression Chamber in El- Gouna Hospital in December 98 and started operating there ever since.

In summer 2000, the company built a medical center in Marsa Shagra, 22 Kilometers north of the city of Marsa Alam and successfully installed its second Chamber there. This medical center was equipped with emergency care facilities and a well trained staff and has surely turned out to be not only a diving emergency center, but also a life saving medical center in this rapidly growing remote area of the red sea.

Over your diving-center you can pay an insurance for the costs of recompression-treatment. Dont pay more then 6 Euro.

The second Recompression chamber, the Hyperbaric medical center and search & rescue Dahab from Dr. Adel Taher, is located next to Dahabeya Hotel and offers a 24 hours emergency service, too.

Emergency contact numbers

Hyperbaric medical center and search & rescue Dahab
069 3640536 daily emergencv number 9:30-6pm
Emergency (24hours) : 0101433325
Dr Taher directly (24 hours): 0122124292

+20 69 3640 572
+20 12 3993 862

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