Assala Market

In the market area of assala (Click here for the map: I6) you find besides two coffeeshops a lot of cheap stores: for household, electricity, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. The prices are much cheaper then in the city or in Laguna.
If you buy fruits or vegetables, put them in a bag and weigh them out, close to half a kilo or a kilo. You pay between 2-7 LE/kilo, depending on the food.
Fish is between 20 and 40 LE per kilo, meet between 35-50 LE per kilo.

Ghazala Market

The air conditioned "Ghazala (gazelle) market" in the center opposite the police station is currently the biggest store. You can find all kinds of goods: herbs and spices, fruits, vegetables, soft goods, tool kits and tableware.
The employees help you fast and competent - mind about the freshness from fruits and vegetables.

Beer & Alcohol Shops

The cheepest beer you can get in the Adam's Bar at the lighthouse. You pay 5 LE for a bottle of Stella and 7 LE for a bottle of Sakkara - 2 LE are bottle deposit and will be refunded if you bring the yellow receipt.

Other cheep Alcohol-stores are located:
- on the street-corner next to the Mashraba monument (G2)
- in the small street to the left after the fish restaurant in Mashraba (G3)
- and in the middle of Mashraba street (F6)

Please avoid drinking on the street (see Arabic Culture)

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