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The Team from Dahab-Info.com (alph. order): Amin, Hennie, Irina, Mimo, Oliver, Roland and Simona.

A certain year, a certain day, an international group of dreamers found in Dahab the place of their dreams and wished to share it with other dreamers, artists, poets, sea lovers and true travellers. They didn’t know each other yet.

Roland, came to Dahab from Austria for the second time in 2006, with the support of Dahab’s “veteran” and great spirit Amin (Austrian-Egyptian). With his ex-wife Hennie, Roland started a project that very soon included experiences in the local culture, exchange of letters, clashes and karmic meetings, adventurous life, a visionary approach and a big love for the nature of the place. A project that soon attracted collaborators and other more or less nomadic souls who shared the same dream: to taste Dahab and its little international Bedouin-based community. And, in almost all cases, to come back to it - because practically nobody can forget Dahab after been there.

Web-Creator Roland and his ex-wife Hennie (Austria) with their inspiration and insights, Mimo (Egyptian) with his always available helping hand and Oliver, artist-actor friend from Austria, worked together on the first requests and got the first concrete results for the project. The Logo was kindly designed by Sheikh Ahmed, silver-seller, dancer, and great spirit who sits next to Ali Baba Hotel. The Italian Sonia (author of the book “L’oro di Dahab”) joined the staff in the summer of 2007, first as a translator for the Italian version of the website, then as the person responsible for all inquiries. Sonia left Dahab-Info in March 2009.
Since autumn 2008 the Italian Simona joined the team, since march 2009 she is responsible for all customer enquiries in English, Italian and Spanish. Corinne, french lady is responsible for french customer enquiries.

Egyptian collaborators such as Shehab and Badr have shared a piece of the path with us and remain business-partners. People who brought us inspiration and friendship: Osama (†), Domenica, Marna, Iwona and Rami, Barbara, Mido and Sandra, Jill, Sameh, Irina, Dulce, Lorenzo, Cristina and many guests.

Since the beginning of this project, the amount of spiritual activities such as meditation, yoga and stages in the desert has increased in Dahab. These activities are always welcome in the online catalogue that we created (and want to make as complete as possible) about this little paradise that is mysteriously still so little known.

Dahab is our treasure island, the secret beach of the film “The Beach”, the poster image we used to dream of as children. We wait for new friends with open arms. For those who come: please respect the local nature and culture, remembering the ancient law that states that everything has a price - the natural resources are not unlimited and contempt returns contempt, love returns love.

Welcome to Dahab!

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Roland Kissling
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