Internet in Dahab is fast and reliable - except for weekly breakdowns of power especially in summertime for about 30 minutes.
Beginning in 1997 with the first modem-connection ("White Hawk Internetcafe") in Mashraba Street, there are now more then 10 Internetcafes with strong DSL-Lines offering Internet- and Printout-Services to their customers.
In most of them you can also make printouts for about 3 LE per page.
Ask also for Wirless in your hotel, many places offer free connectivity to guests.

Free Wireless Zones in Restaurants
Mashraba: Penguin Restaurant, Seaview Restaurant, Dolphin Cafe, Tree Restaurant, El Salam Restaurant.
Masbat: Alf Leila German Bakery
Eel Garden/North: Blue Beach


Aladin Internet Cafe & Bookstore Located at the Seafront between Buddha Restaurant and Nirvana, the Bookstore Internet supplies the Lighthouse Area with 10 seats in a big room.


Felobater 2 Mashraba Located in the beginning of Mashraba Street, Felobater 2 offers a fast DSL-Line with aircondition on about 10 PC.

Penguin Internetcafe 8 Computers, Highspeed Line with 1 mb/s Also books for rent and sale available.

Sphinx Net Located in the inner court of the Sphinx Hotel (Mashraba St., across the road of the Bishbishi), this cosy internet place offers 8 computers, High Speed DSL conn...

Tito Internetcafe Tiny little Internetcafe with 12 Computers, 2 mbit/s Highspeed-Line and privacy-protection. Also available: copy, printing and different kind of Hardware

Dahab City/Laguna

Internetcafe Ganet Sinai Location: Ganet Sinai Hotel,Nice wooden terrace with look to the laguna beach

Wireless Zone Hilton Hotel Location: Hilton Resort Dahab, Dahab City/Laguna, Wireless Network

updated 20/10/2016

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