Whats up at Christmas and New Year

From dec 24th to dec 31st is high season in Dahab – a lot of tourists from all over the world flee from their cold and misty weather into the sunny climate of Dahab. Daily temperature reaches 22 degrees, diving and surfing is still possible for water freaks. Sitting in the sun, you can easily wear T-Shirts and short trousers – and wait for the Christmas eve under palmtrees.

The Moslem inhabitants of Dahab don’t celebrate Christmas – but they accept it as a big event in the life of the Christian tourists and decorate the streets and shops with silver lametta and artificial Christmas trees. Martin Luther’s “christkind” has no chance in Dahab – People here love Santa Claus, smoking Sheesha.
Around new year even the Moslem people celebrate a big event, the “feast”, 50 days after Ramadan – for sure without alcohol.
We collected for you all the bigger locations who offer special programs at Christmas and new year:

Time until New Year

New Year

Morning Sun in the Palmtrees Copyright: Emam Samy

Nesima, Euro 35 per person
international dinner open buffet (Gala dinner) from 20:00-22:30, Party in Nesima bar, belly dance, oriental folklore, from 22:30 till early next morning.
The Tree: XXX-Party, unlimited Tickets Info 0100288436
TOTA: 2 dancefloors, 4 DJs, unlimited fun, unlimited tickets
New Year Surprise, Tickets: 10 Euro
"Just bend your mind a little..."- Party
For information and reservation: 069-364866-67-68
Black Prince:
Gulf Paradise Hotel - Mashraba Street
DJs: Monk & Genius from UK, Casper from Holland
Miss Dahab Competition
Fire & Fakir Show
Belly Dancer
Dinner start at 10 pm
(Entrance Couple)

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