Dahab Festival in April 2012

Take a holiday for Dahab's biggest festival 2012. From April 14th – April 20th, the 2012 Dahab Festival invites everyone to come and experience activities such as exploration of bedouin culture, free diving, kite and wind surfing, as well as taster sessions of yoga and the “healing arts”. Throughout the week, there will band performances, competitions, exhibitions, camel rides, rock climbing, canyon discovery, trips to St Katherine’s monastery and Mt Moses and many other excursions. This Festival is for the whole family! (Program)

The first festival in 2011 attracted visitors from all over the world and across Egypt from may 14-20, 2011. According to the organizers, hundreds of people offered their services last year for free to support the event, including bands from Cairo, DJs from Europe and diving, watersports, yoga and alternative healing professionals across the community of the resort.
Johan Koops, one of the organisers and operations manager at dive centre Sinai Divers said: “The festival was a huge success and has really brought the people of Dahab together. It was really amazing to see all the effort people put in.”
The aim of the festival is to promote and support local tourism, which has suffered due to the drop of declining visitor numbers following the Egyptian revolution. Particularly Bedouin and Egyptian workers who rely solely on tourism for their income are effected.


In addition, there will also be a special Bedouin festival from april 1st to 7th. The festival will be promoting activities and services provided by Bedouin such as desert excursions, rock climbing, Bedouin dinners, accommodation, transfers, jeep rides, camel riding and much more.
The festival area will be serving breakfast daily with Bedouin bread freshly prepared. In the afternoon, there will be the opportunity to hear specialists talk about desert plants and Bedouin history and culture. There will also be bread making lessons, star gazing with a telescope every night, bedouin dinners in the mountains around Dahab and in the festival area and also much more.
The organisers of the festival are open to anyone wanting to join or assist in achieving these goals. One of the other objectives of the Dahab Bedouin Festival is to make Dahab an eco-friendly resort. Although years of neglect have made this a very ambitious target, the group of organisers have been regularly organising clean ups and trying to raise awareness concerning the environment since the first Bedouin Festival that took place in May 2011.
The Dahab Bedouin Festival organisers would like to welcome everyone and invite you to come and enjoy a Bedouin tea with us anytime during the festival.

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