Dahab Clean Project

One year ago, Klaus Altersberger from Dahab Real Estate started with a couple of friends and supporters the project "I love Dahab Clean". He engaged very much in talks with the city council, garbage companies and NGOs to support this initiative.
The objective target was, "To make Dahab the cleanest city of the country", with a deadline dec. 1st, 2009.
Here is how everyone can support this project:

1. Avoid taking plastic bags in the supermarkets
they do not rotten and are a severe danger to many kinds of underwater-life. Use Cotton bags - they will be soon available in supermarkets.

2. Take (your) garbage with you
Dont leave plastic bottles and other kind of rubbish in the nature or on the streets.

3. Seperate organic from un-organic garbage
wild animals will destroy the bags if you leave food inside - and it helps the garbage disposal.


4. Use big Bottles / canisters instead of buying 1.5 or 6 L bottles:
- change to 20l water canister with a hand pump, for more info contact Mr Mohsen 010 3999 803
- buy a 50 L water canister (blue) and let it refill from water trucks for 5 LE.

5. Order private household garbage-collection
LE 50 for one month, garbage is collected (nearly) every day directly from your house, call 012 2180 335 ( Coordinator Sherihan) or 011 1151 628 (Manager Ahmed)

6. Ask for voluntary clean-ups
Ask Klaus (klaus AT ilovedahab . com) or the volunteer rangers of Dahab, volunteer . rangers AT gmail . com

Thank You!
The Team from Dahab-Info.com

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