Freediving Competition in Blue Hole


TRIPLE DEPTH - Freediving competition

For the 3rd time some of the most famous freedivers of the world came together at a Blue Hole Competition from 19.-21.10.2007, like Herbert Nitsch (A), Peter Petersson (DK), Natalia Molchanova (RUS), William Trubridge (UK) and many others.

This year the Triple Depth was once again perfectly organized by Freedive Dahab (Lotta Ericson and Linda Paganelli) and Peter Ericson. Except for one short conflict between an athlete and a divemaster from Dahab on the first day the whole competition went on very smoothly and brought a lot of national and even world records. The biggest surprise were the 3 world records of Sara Campbell (UK) in Free Immersion (81m), Constant Weight (90) and Constant Weight without fins (56m) - one each day. The 4. world record was achieved by Herbert NITSCH (AUT) in Constant Weight without fins (83m). Herbert was the first freediver diving trough the arch of Blue Hole (Video YouTube).
By the way: William Trubridge was recently diving trough the arch of Blue Hole, without fins (Video YouTube).

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