Free seats for Dahab's Divemasters

The world meeting for Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine will take place in Sharm el-Sheikh 2007. And 100 of Dahab’s and Sharm’s Divemasters are invited to attend for free – and save about 400 Euro for a conference-seat.

From September 8th-15th 2007, the Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Underwater and Baromedical Society on Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine will be held in Sharm el-Sheikh. And 100 of Dahab’s and Sharm’s Divemasters are invited to attend for free - and save about 400 Euro. This great deal has been offered to us by the organiser and chief of the Hyperbaric medical center of Dahab, Dr. Adel Taher.

“People like divemasters or freedivers, who deal everyday with the problems of Diving Medicine, should have the right to attend a world class meeting”, says Dr. Taher to “And the leading doctors will profit as well from the questions arising from practical experience”.

Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the fastest growing tourism communities on the face of the earth and mainly driven by watersports – a perfect place for a conference like this. “The big chance for Sharm el Sheik came a little bit by surprise”, Dr Taher says. “After the refusal of Croatia for organising the meeting in 2007, not only Sharm el Sheik wanted to host the famous conference. But finally we succeeded.”

The Conference will not only include invited lecturers, presentations and posters, but also after-hours sessions on culture, music and marine life. The scientific programme so far can be found at

If you are a Divemaster, Instructor or Freediver Professional and want to attend the conference for free, please enter your name below – we will give you a message as soon as the programme is finally established.


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