Happy Ramadan, Happy Feast

Bedouin children in Laguna Copyright: Dahab-info.com

Ramadan is over, now it's the time for a big feast!

Eid ul-Fitr or Id-Ul-Fitr (Arabic: عيد الفطر ‘Īdu l-Fiṭr) or simply "Eid" is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting. On the day of the celebration, a typical Muslim family is awake very early and then after praying the first normal everyday prayer, is required to eat in a small quantity, symbolizing the end of Ramadan. They then attend special congregational prayers held only for this occasion. Worshippers greet and embrace each other in a spirit of peace and love after the congregational prayer. After the special prayers, festivities and merriment are commonly observed with visits to the homes of relatives and friends to thank God for all blessings. It is a day of forgiveness, moral victory, peace of congregation, fellowship, brotherhood and unity. It is a time of giving and sharing, and many Muslims dress in holiday attire. (source: Wikipedia)

Be more than a tourist!

The Team from Dahab-Info gave this year 700 LE to poor families, most of them widows with children.
If you also want to give food or money to the people, you can donate still – personally to members of Dahab-Info.com in Sabry Camp, or with the Paypal-Link below.

Please give us your email address, and we will send you a photo and a greeting message from the people who benefit from your money.

We also arange dinners with local families.

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