Homeopathy Course in Nuweiba

Ever thought about learning a holistic medical system? On Friday June 8, and Saturday June 9, 2007, you have the chance in Nuweiba, in a magnificent virgin nature of sun/moon, beaches, sea and mountains.

The aim of the course is to introduce you to the basic principles of complementary medicine and homeopathy and how to use it yourself in mainly first aid and family prescribing. This will involve an explanation of the fundamental principles of health and how to maintain it. The course will cover a brief history of homeopathy and homeopathic fundamentals, how medicines are prepared and first aid and acute treatments such as cuts and bruises, burns, falls, sprains and strains, travel sickness, influenza, gastroenteritis, basic grasp of safe do-it-yourself prescribing procedures, concept of recurring, or chronic illness and a few homeopathic constitutional types.

A practical photocopy packet which will include note-taking guidelines and prescribing flow-charts will be provided by Dr. Holdijk as it is included in the course fees. Homeopathic kits will be available for purchase.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate stating that you have completed a “Grassroots” course as approved by the Lakeland College of Homeopathy, UK.

El Tarek Camp, Bir Suweir area, 30 km along the Nuweiba-Taba road, (4 km after Basata Camp and 300 m after Aqua Sun Hotel), Sinai.

Instruction Schedule/Language
Friday June 8 & Saturday June 9: 9:00 am – 12:00 and 2:00 pm-5:00 pm - Instruction language: English.

LE 950 includes: Course fees and material,Half-board accommodation (breakfast & dinner) in bamboo huts overlooking the sea (double or quadruple),
Bedouin entertainment. Participants arriving Thursday June 7 and/or leaving Sunday June 10 will be charged additionally according to the camp’s standard accommodation & restaurant price list.

To register and arrange for payment of a 25% deposit by latest Wednesday June 6, 2007 please contact: Dr. A. H. L. Holdijk in Cairo at 010 179 38 03 (http://H2RC2.com) or holdijk@aucegypt.edu Maha Noor in Sinai at 010 144 18 30 or meemnour@yahoo.com

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