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Kidnappings: how save is Dahab? The series of kidnappings in Sinai is not stopping since end of january. How save is it really to visit Dahab?

Dahab Festival in April 2012 This april, Dahab will see the second Dahab International Festival of Water Sports, Culture and Desert Adventure. Activities will include local and international bands, Scuba diving, Freediving, Wi...

Language Course from Dahab Paradise The Dahab-Resort "Dahab Paradise" has started an educational initiative for Bedouin students. Like the hotel is stating on its homepage, it is offering free daily English classes for more than 60 B...

Situation in Dahab Dear Customers and Dahab-Lovers! Red Sea Resorts are not effected by the protests in Cairo. Please read here some information about the situation in Dahab.

Dahab Clean Project One year ago, Klaus Altenberger from Dahab Real Estate started with a couple of friends and supporters the project "I love Dahab Clean". He engaged very much in talks with the city council, garbage...

Ashtanga Yoga and Freediving in Dahab From may 11-20 Ich unterrichte Yoga (v.a. Ashtanga Vynasa) und Yoga Therapy. Nach frühen Erfahr...

Football Enthusiasm in Dahab After the winning of the african soccer cup all Dahab gets crazy. See some impressions from the last days.

“I will beat the World Champion in Wrestling” Alaa el Sherif claims to be one of the strongest men in the world, because of a special mental technique using the adrenal to power his whole body.

"I have a magic hand" Magda or "Maggy is the only Egyptian woman running a restaurant- and camp-business at the beach of Dahab. In her "Paradise restaurant you can get really fresh fruits and vegetables - proved by a ...

Freediving Competition in Blue Hole TRIPLE DEPTH - Freediving competition For the 3rd time some of the most famous freedivers of the world will come together at a Blue Hole Competition from 19.-21.10.2007, like Herbert Nitsch (A), ...

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Patrisha McLean: Postcard from Egypt - Freepress Online

Patrisha McLean: Postcard from Egypt  Freepress Online

Patrisha Mclean is a photojournalist in Camden. Her Finding Our Voices domestic abuse project opens May 23 in Castine with a reception on Sunday, May 26, ...

Channel chief trio on Dell Technologies' success mantra -

Channel chief trio on Dell Technologies' success mantra

Dell Technologies' rebranded partner program is 'one plus one equals three' for its channels, according to Joyce Mullen, Anwar Dahab and Tian Beng.

How Using Reusable Grocery Bags Can Save Egypt's Nature From Deterioration - SCOOP EMPIRE

How Using Reusable Grocery Bags Can Save Egypt's Nature From Deterioration  SCOOP EMPIRE

By Muhammed Aladdin It takes from 500 to 1000 years for a single plastic bag to decompose; in other words, to this day, every bit of plastic we ever made.

What It's Like To Dive The World's Deadliest Dive Site - Forbes

What It's Like To Dive The World's Deadliest Dive Site  Forbes

There are few things in this world that are more unknown and mysterious than the ocean. That thing that covers 71% of our planet? We haven't even discovered ...

Abu Dhabi?s Grand Mosque feeds 30,000 during Ramadan - Euronews English

Abu Dhabi?s Grand Mosque feeds 30,000 during Ramadan  Euronews English

Ramadan is a time of reflection and communion for the estimated 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide.

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