“I will beat the World Champion in Wrestling”

Alaa el Sherif claims to be one of the strongest men in the world, because of a special mental technique using the adrenal to power his whole body. He was born in Damahuri near El Behire between Cairo and Alexandria and likes to stay in Dahab from time to time. With his 49 years he still wants to challenge the world champions in wrestling, like "The rock", "Trabel H.", "Steve osten.", "Bil gold berg", "Under taker" or "Kim".

How did you grow up in Egypt?

I have 3 brothers and one sister. My father used to work in the ministry of education. After high school I’ve been on an institute for commercial computer programming. Later I founded a company for general trading. I had good contacts with a lot of bigger businesses, and help them to find cheap goods.

Later on you went to Germany. What was the reason?

I don’t know why I went to Germany – one day it was in my mind and I had the money. So I just went there for 6 months. I spend my time without any plans or program. In this time I met an Italian woman, who used to be my neighbour. I asked her family to marry this girl, and they agreed. This was a mistake, because I had no love story and relationship with her before and she had no education.

You are not very religious. What gives you the power?

One day when I still was very young, a man came to me and beat me, for no reason. Since this time I was always thinking about how to get really strong. And I found it out one day in Germany. I was getting in some trouble and fought with a big and strong man, and suddenly I won! In this moment I didn’t know what happened. All the people around told me that I was very fast and strong. And so I thought about this fight and about how I did it, and time by time I found out more about myself.

You discovered a special organ, which is responsible for this power inside yourself.

Yes, the adrenal. After some fights in Europe I felt that something in my body side was talking to my brain. So I wanted to see how this voice is working. And the chance came - oh, I was between death and life! I went to a disco, and the gatekeepers outside didn’t let me in. I refused to go away, and suddenly one of the guys caught me by the throat – he really wanted to kill me. And I didn’t defend myself. I just looked inside my body, to watch what is going to happen. Then, in one second, I knew that I would die. I saw a picture, like a video clip about the situation I was into. And then I saw a strong light from this organ inside my body [The Adrenal] - very strong and powerful. The same moment my body moved without intention and I pushed the guy 4 metres away. A similar thing happened also in Amsterdam, where I became quite famous. One day a big and nasty guy came to catch me, and I pushed him down. Then his 3 friends all together came to fight me, but couldn’t beat me. In the end, I looked down myself and I saw a plastic bag with stuff from the supermarket in my hand. So I realised that I had defended myself with just one hand!

Can the power also be used for different purpose then fighting?

For sure! This power can also be used to feel good all the time, or to be young and have a fast reaction against any danger. I am only 49, and my body is really ok. There is also a philosophy behind, some information about the brain and the body, the adrenal and also physical training. It’s not about muscles, it’s about the training of the nervous system. I have also a special music, and I teach how the body can move alone with the music. The music is very important.

How long does it take to learn this technique?

One hour in the week or in the month is enough. It needs only to read about the basics behind. I want to write a book about all this, with a CD. And I would like to challenge the strongest catcher in the world, to show the world that I have the power to beat him. The people here in Egypt laugh about this, but I want to show the world that a small guy can beat the world champion.

Why you choose wrestling for this competition?

It could be any other sport to show my power. But personally I love Wrestling. This is my sport. I also want to contribute to make it a fair and serious sport. In Germany and Holland I have some friends who are wrestling professionals, and who really respect me. I would like to find someone who can organise this fight. If I don’t make this now, I feel that I can maybe loose the power. It’s something from god, and I should pass it to the whole world.

Did you talk about this special power to doctors?

They don’t know anything about this. They think that the function of the adrenal is only for cleaning the body, but they don’t know that it has its own intelligence, and can really “think”. It’s a secret for a long and healthy life. Look at me: I didn’t go to doctors since more than 20 years. If I feel something in my body, I just think and use my brain to repair any trouble. I can really see my brain working.

Thank you for the interview.


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