New restaurants in Old Dahab

The last months Dahab was very busy - people used the quiet time to renew their business, and open new places. Restaurants, camps und hotels have been bought and sold: From Chill out Restaurant to Yalla.

The former "Yumyum" is now re-opened as "Chill out Restaurant", a very friendly place with good food. The kitchen has been renewed completely, the same like the beach-area. Waiters will bring you cushions for deep relaxation near the sea.
Just besides you can find the "Shark" on busy days working again.

Beside the Quad-shop at the Alibaba-Hotel in Napoleon street you will find now a very cheap and good chicken-restaurant. Prices from 8 LE for chicken with salad and rice.

And preparations go on: The Al Capone near the bridge is currently working on a new place just on the opposite of the seafront: an antique portal with two pillars, made of beautiful stone an marble, with a huge guest-room inside. In a couple of weeks this big project will be finished, offering visitors big spaces inside the house.
Also in a few weeks the wooden house after Buddha Restaurant, an austrian-egyptian co/production will open as "Yalla Restaurant & Bar". From the terrace in the first floor you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea.

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