Osama is gone

We are deeply concerned about the sudden death of our youngest crew-member Osama Jahjah (34).
Our beloved arabic-teacher, hobby-cook, poet and salesman died in the night from july 8th to july 9th.
We are very sad for his wife Miranda, his girlfriend Barbara, and his family in Alexandria.
Osama, thank you for your happiness and good vibes!

The Team from Dahab-Info

Amin * Hennie * Mimo * Oliver * Roland * Sonia * Svetlana

The world is mine

The world is mine
Look to the sign
Do you know me?
I know my place
I walked through my case
Welcome to the space

And then ..

I am stronger then the earth
And the universe
I am stronger then hell
And heaven
I am stronger then words
and letters

After midnight
This traffic light
That river running
This big tree
The night bird singing
Sing for me

You know why?

Because the world
Is mine.

I took my desire
I made it a flower
I put it in a glass with water
Its going to die
I will let it dry
I plant the seed again
Its going to be a tree
For you and me

People care about things
And people care about other things
And between things and things
You find different people
The world is mine.


Osama Jahjah (1973-2007) Last interview and poems, click here

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