"The world is nothing but a mirror of ourselves"

He is born in East-Germany, and he is Muslim. If you ask him about his name, most likely he will tell you: "choose one of my 14". The people in Dahab call him "Sheikh Abdullah", and that's how he looks like: white Galabeja, scarf and long beard, sunburnt face and a wooden stick on his knees.

1. Where and when are you born? How did you grow up and how was your family situation?

In East-Germany I pulled down the Beard of Santa Clause in the age of four – behind was my mother. The Red-one never came again. My parents divorced when I was twelve, so I had to find my own way. With 21 I had a slight car-accident and a near death experience. For one second I saw the good and bad. And the bad was bitter like my own blood. So I asked my grandmother, and she said: you need a goal and path in your life. My sisters advised to have good companionship. This advice is good for everybody.

2. Which year did you convert to the Islam and why?

When I was a young man, I joined the Christian church from 14 to 23. “Joined” means I got Confirmation – like everybody around me at this time. Then I left, probably after studying philosophy, when I felt no connection with that stream any more. After my studies I worked as film theater director for art-cinema. I got my call in North America. So I left the Grand-Canyon to Middle-East, went from the holy land to Jerusalem and Sinai, meeting first time Israelis, Palestine and Bedouins in their homelands. I was very impressed about this experience. Later I came again - and this time to mount St. Catherine and the monastery. On my way back over Greece I noticed some good spirit with me …
My next journey was to Greece and middle-east - with “one year off” intention. This time I walked from North to South just with my backpack and my shepherd-dog, until I found a job for three months as an olive worker in the mountains of Crete (Greece). From Crete there was a ship to Alexandria. Alex was an exiting town with lots of friendly and smiling people. One boy invited us to be their guest and he showed us their orange gardens on the countryside. I did not meet religious people this time, probably they were busy with their religion and/or had no time for foreigners. Or they simply forgot to do "DJIHAD", to struggle for to invite, preach or to fight, for to open a border for Islam.
There was a lot of poverty in the country, after the Russians went out and the US just came in. Being invited for tea, we noticed that one of the men got up, washed himself and prayed the devotions about several meters in the desert. I never saw a praying Muslim. The effect of watching the prayer of this single man and his Lord was that I wished to learn the prayers. On the way back the ship suddenly stopped - and above my mattress appeared a praying mantis – the horse of Moses, DIE GOTTESANBETERIN. A simple Egyptian man, his name was Muhammad, showed me everything and after accepting Islam and a new name, they called me "Abdullah". I “baptised” myself from my old life and became “Muslim”, whatever it may be, it is a combination of “Taslim” (surrender) and “Salam” (peace of mind, heart and soul by surrendering to the Creator). It worked out, I learned the basics by travelling to the “Mumin” (the believing Ones) and completed the whole basics in 40 Days including pilgrimage to Madinah, place of Prophet Muhammad and the "KAABA”. Almost nobody spoke English and I did not understand much, having no books.

3. How did your family in Germany comment this step?

My Sister used to study spirituality in India that time. She said to me: “now you did enter a ‘Men's religion’ – you should look for a teacher, best a Sufi “way of Love” and to be guided in that for Europeans strange way of Islam. And really - It happened later that I met Sufis in Damascus and Istanbul and East turkey. It was a spiritual “Jump” for me. Mother and Grandmother accepted this, since I became better by this way and they themselves had not been religious. The uncle either; the father was atheistic and his East-German family as well. Only my dog died – immediately - after I accepted Islam and came back to the tent in the desert. I brought the dog several time back to Life, it was like a fight between Light and Dark and finally after bringing it to the Red-Sea to drink water it died. The reason was according to my new friends: You don't need him anymore on this way, now you have the Lord - ALLAH.

Consequently the way to India was now free - without the dog. After travelling home, since the land way Iraq-Iran was closed because of the war I came later by plane from Europe and stayed long time mainly in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and a bit in Nepal and Kashmir. Later took some Arabic from Jordan and Oriental-studies from Germany.

4. How often do you pray?

The Muslims pray 5 times a day to “return to ALLAH” regularly after purifying by water and some ten times voluntary, there is no Limit. The highest way is called “IHSAN”, the excellence is to be 24 hours in the light and presence of the Lord, even in sleep and to ask for his friendship.

5. What are the major differences between Christianity and Islam in your point of view?

Islam teaches mainly outside, Christianity inside, Sufism tries to unite both aspects. All of them are from Islam. 124.000 Prophets came to teach mankind all over the earth: Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and others are from the area of middle-east and mentioned in that Qur'an, revealed to Muhammad and enriched by “Qudsi” holy sayings from elder prophets. The Muslims believe in all these books and all of them are wonderful: Torah, Bible and the Qur'an. In the Mid-east it is hard to find a good teacher, because they have mixed with their impurities and created a mix of politics, culture and religion (taqlid). Don’t forget the crusaders and the colonist-invaders, mainly French, English and later Israel. Now US disturbed the religious culture again with the effect of creating Nationalism (Nasser) and Communism (Arafat, Saddam and in the Chinese way the Assad-tribe in Syria and Ghaddafi is near to). Now it seems to be a power-conflict leading to oil-wars with the upcoming powers of mainly CHINA - and a bit INDIA too.

Christianity will accept Islam now, but says they are heretics because of not believing in Jesus as MESSIAH, the Saviour, Avatar or “Heiland”. Muslims will reply, they are next to them, but the Christians have done “innovations” by adding to the MONO-God a son, like the Arabs had three daughters before Qur'an. When it was revealed to Muhammad, he called it “satanic verses” and abandoned it. Jesus had 12 men, Muhammad 12 women in his inner circle. Moses had many problems with the “children of Israel”, because they had difficulties to believe and needed always miracles – they killed prophets and now they gathered again in Israel to be examined.

That’s why maybe not a war (where Sinai would be safe) is coming, but all Sinai up to Lebanon or Antakya in Turkey might brake away as a part of the African mainland and sink into Abyss, means like Abyssinia is build on volcano as the result of deeds of mankind. Saudi Arabia will be rained by fire in the last days and JAZEERA (Iraq and GULF) will be under water again, then Egypt as well. So the Traditions, it was confirmed to me during this journey of 1.000 days in Middle-East from Istanbul to South Egypt.

6. How can a European mind settle down in a medieval culture like the current Arabic one?

Most people, even the divers, are sent here as a teaching to each other and a learning as well. The world is nothing but a mirror of ourselves. In our highest potential we can be “califatullah”, vice-king of him, ruling the world, it is like the pope or the caliph in Islam, the idea of a theocratic “Kingdom of God”. Islam does not like to separate in this world and the next. So enjoying the companionship of the mid-easters, especially the poor Ones, is a blessing and it silences our heart - if we are in religious countries.

7. In which ways are the Arabic people different then the westerners? What could we learn from this culture?

We are not coming here to rule - but to learn and then even the ignorant or wordily ARAB has to support us by our longing for something, either coloured beauty of the Lord in the form of fish or the longing for the DIVINE and the treasures in simple peoples hearts. These are the eldest civilisations of the world, probably survivors of ATLANTIS or NOAH (Nuh) - and there is all kind of learning.

8. You travelled in the middle east since many years - do you think there is a chance for peace in the near future?

Islam of the prophets, mainly Jesus (Isa) and Muhammad (pbu them) have been come to stop the people of mid-east and the whole world from hurting themselves. “Peace” has its roots in “pace” and that might mean to come with weapons to “pacify” by force. SALAM and SHALOM means to submit to Almighty with consequence of Heavenly blessings (RAHMA) coming down, even to be in SAKINAH (divine presence). We are stepping very soon into the Coming of new POWERS and markets, China and India might be like GOG and MAGOG to get the oil of mid-east. And since the world seems to be ILLUSION besides the teaching - property of the LORD - we see the plays of secret-services inside and outside Islam resulting in Bombs everywhere, even in SINAI. Who pays the war in Sri Lanka? Ask these questions and come to know the secret devils behind the play.

9. How do you like Dahab?

Dahab means Gold of the Sandy beach and today it tries to become a shopping-centre, even like LAS VEGAS or like Charme ul Sheikh. There is now good and weak together and it seems to be better than seven years before - but needs intention to have self-respect. The place itself is ok, the nature is better in Abu Ghaloum (a Bedouin-place) or Nuweiba. El Tur, capital of South-Sinai, has a good image from being honest.

10. What are your plans for the future?

We say LA HAULA wa LA QUWWATA ILLA BILAHIL AZIM (“there is no power beside him and he is the greatest”). In the Sufi way it is still like in Islam before the freedom necessary, to come by free will to God and be with him for ever ...
We like to look for his will, but by getting nearer we are getting both: more straight and so more freedom ... towards him. The Plan went to Alexandria and MATROUH. SIWA kept me one Month and invited to stay with them in the eternity of OASIS and desert and now we are on way to South-Egypt. Sudan denied Visa … So Iceland in the North is the place, where all these people might have come from. This former ATLANTIS might be the next place for learning, inschallah, if God accepts.

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