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One of the surprising success stories in Dahab in recent years has been the growth of yoga. Now fewer than five companies now regularly bring people on yoga holidays to Dahab, most from the UK, but other groups include Russians, Ukranians, Canadians and Germans.

Indeed, the town is becoming well established on the international yoga scene. The British Guardian newspaper had yoga in Dahab listed in it's top five holidays this Christmas. This Christmas/ New year will see an estimated one hundred and fifty yogis and yoginis descend on the town for the high season.

Dahab offers a great environment for yoga. The combination of sun, sea and a laid-back environment are all condusive to yoga practice: people come to Dahab to focus on themselves in a way they can't do in their home countries.

Yoga also ties in with established activities such as diving, free diving and windsurfing. People on a yoga holiday want it to be just that: a holiday. With it's many possibilities in the sea and in the desert Dahab has major advantages over traditional yoga retreats which are often remote and isolated.

As well as visiting practitioners there are five yoga teachers living in the town. The Blue Beach & Bedouin Moon hotels both feature drop-in classes, and the Amanda, Coral Coast hotels and Sindbad camp regularly feature visiting groups. Last year a group of British investors investigated building a yoga centre in town (but decided against it on the grounds that the Egyptian business environment was not condusive). With many companies planning to increase their numbers next year, 2007 looks to grow
Dahab's yoga scene even further.

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Blue Beach hotel, 0020 69 3640 411
Bedouin Moon, Monica, 0020 101236434

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