One of the most fancy bars in Dahab. You enter through a big dream-catcher like Alice in Wonderland.
Sit with your chair on green grass under a huge fishing-net, in mega-size stools or in a bed - enjoy the pool in summertime.

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nice place

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Oh man I am so, so glad to hear I am not the only one who feels this way. I'm really keen for them to be safe in the water, and have been tainkg them both to lessons for ages, but I loathe it: the chlorinated air at the pool, the wrangling of both of them before & after, and the fact that they still can't actually swim! This year I've changed tack and just take them to school holiday swim camps - 1 lesson per day for a week - and they have both improved enormously. I also take my littlest to the pool at the gym every week or so, depending on whether I've done my bikini line or not He adores it so it's worth the cold. x

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