Advice about Marriage in Egypt


In the tourist areas of Egypt, when you are so easily asked to get merried, it
is useful to know that for "marriage" between an Egyptian citizen and a foreign
woman the locals usually mean the "orfi", or "civil marriage". It is a simple
document, signed by both parties at a lawyer's, that allows the Egyptian
citizen to share a room with a woman without having to face legal trouble with
the Police. With this document the two persons do not result married in any
way, because this is a semi-legal agreement, not a real marriage that should be
made valid through the Embassy. This is just a permission to stay together, for
the wardship of the woman and for the safety of the Egyptian in front of the
Islamic law. One can cancel it in any moment (by simply tearing it - better
would be to cancel it at the same lawyer's, but almost nobody does). You would
not run any legal risk and there is no other way to have an Egyptian boyfriend
in Egypt: the lawyers' archieves are full of "orfi". The real marriage would
require a higher cost and longer times, going through Cairo.
This document is anyway accepted only in the area where it was stipulated, but
if the hotel/apartment is managed by a strict Muslim, it might not be accepted
It would be appropriate not to forget that the difference of mentality inside a
mixed couple is often much deeper and subtle than one could ever think during a
"holiday"-knowledge of the person.

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