Arabic Culture

Dahab is a muslim town.
As a tourist you are a guest in a foreign country, so it is recommended to respect the customs and attitudes of the native ones and adapt to their usual way of life.

There is a very strong religious influence - to be hardly over-heard by the overwhelming Sheikhs and their calls to the prayer. Many people pray several times daily, at the end of night, before noon, noon, afternoon, evening prayer (exact time changes over the year), and almost all inhabitants meet on Friday, the holiday of the Muslims, to the prayer in the mosque. In each second restaurant or hotel, bus or taxi, you will hear religious music and songs.
Hospitality is felt very strongly with the people in Dahab. If you open a friendship with an Egyptian, you are invited frequently to a meal in the circle of the family. There one sits on the ground and eats with pita bread in the meal at the small table. After the meal we drink Egyptian tea.

What you should not do:
- topless or FKK bathing (especially women)
- talk respectlessly with Moslems about religious customs, the Koran or central figures of Islam
- publicly smoke drugs (illegal!) or walk with bottles of alcohol in the hand
- waste (Drinking-) water, E.G. by laundry or cutlery washing with potable water: Consider that Dahab lies in the desert.
- talk to unknown arabic women

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