Business in Dahab

Why not?

In Dahab, you have a lot of business possibilities, even with small money (starting from 500 Euro/$).
The starting capital for rent, deposit and goods often is too much for egyptian workers - even though they would be good salespeople and working hard for success.
Dahab is still an area with extreme growth, your profits can easiliy reach 100% per year.

You will find business chances in cafes and restaurants, but also diving centers, big hotels or just in buying land. Nearly every business in Dahab has an Investor from abroad, like Black Prince disco, Tota, Aladdin Laundry, Alaska Camp, and a lot of diving-centers ...

More business opportunities you will find in the im Forum

But take care - there are a lot of fraud-incidents in whole egypt.
To avoid bad surprises:

Very important
- make a valid contract about the most important points (money investment, decisions, paying back, shareholding, ...)
- Let the business be checked by 2 Lawyers (they sometimes work already with your business-partner)
- translate arabic contrects by international translating offices BEFORE you sign them
- ESPECIALLY and EVEN with your spouse!

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