In the desert climate of Dahab, your body is particularly stressed. Read how you can avoid sicknesses and what you can do just in case.

The first days after the landing in Egypt is a large load for the body: a hotter, drier climate, completely different micro cultures (bacteria), different foods. In these phases it comes to large conversions: your body starts to adjust itself to the new situation.
Also it comes often to weaknesses , Diarrhea (loose, watery stools occurring more than three times in one day), etc.
This has nothing to do with the last meal you had , but it is a natural reaction of the body by the completely different bacteria of the desert climate of Egypt - which you catch automatically through the water and the air. So it does not help just to avoid ice cream and salad, you must simply go through it!

Nevertheless there are certain things to consider:

1. Do not expose to the sun for a long time, particularly in the first days - the sun is very strong, in the wind one underestimates the effect, then only in the evening one feels the pain.

2. Drink a lot of water. Water from plastic bottles is cheap (1,50)and everywhere to get . In the dry heat of Dahab, one needs for the body more liquid than usual. Supply yourself with at least 3 litres per day - however more the better. Drink it continuously in small quantities.

3. Do not drink from the water pipeline. The tap water in Dahab is desalinated and clorinated from the sea but still has a degree of salt.

4. Give yourself some time. Your body must only get accustomed to the foreign climate and the foreign micro cultures. You help it by moving slowly, as well as in big meals and alcohol drinking. Slowly!

5. Take care for bad food. Avoid places that are not frequented by other people.


At present there are no vaccination requirements for Egypt, but we recommend a booster of the following vaccinations: Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Polio. Medications are easily available in the local pharmacies.
Bring your own little First Aid Kit with plasters, disinfectant and dehydration salts for the hot climate.

Clinic and Hospital

Dahab Hospital: 3640208
Dahab-Clinic (Mashraba-Road)
Tel. Ambulance: 123
Next big hospital: Sharm el Sheikh

Hyperbaric medical center and search & rescue Dahab, next to Dahabeya Hotel
Dr Adel Taher
069 3640536 daily emergencv number 9:30-6pm
Emergency (24hours) : 01001433325
Dr Taher directly (24 hours): 01222124292

DECO Recompression Chamber:
+20 69 3640 572, +20 122 3993 862


Dr Ahmed Sadek Polyclinic
Mashraba Road
Tel.: +20 122 348 62 09 or +20 69 3641322


Ali Baba Shopping Center
Masbat, Seafront (E6)

Dr Ahmed Pharmacy
Mashraba Road (F7)

Pharmacy Ganet Sinai (Dahab City)
Tel.: +20 122 762 31 81

Dentist in Dahab

dentist's implantologiest hygienist
Tel: +20 122 1707750

Dr. Adel Ramadan
Tel.: +20 122 4515998

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