Tips for tourists in Dahab

Health and medical care In the desert climate of Dahab, your body is particularly stressed. Read how you can avoid sicknesses and what you can do just in case. The first days after the landing in Egypt is a large load f...

Arabic Culture Dahab is a muslim town. As a tourist you are a guest in a foreign country, so it is recommended to respect the customs and attitudes of the native ones and adapt to their usual way of life.

Arabic Language Ever wanted to learn to speak Arabic? Whether itís to speak with the locals in their native language or to improve your chances at bargaining at the bazaars.

Shopping We tell you about the cheapest places to shop, and how much you should spend .

Money Main currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound, international abbreviation 'EGP', local abbreviation 'LE'. You can exchange money in all banks - in hotels, worse rates. Bank Machines: - left next to...

Advice about Marriage in Egypt LEGAL ADVICE ABOUT THE "MARRIAGE" BETWEEN AN EGYPTIAN AND A FOREIGN WOMAN In the tourist areas of Egypt, when you are so easily asked to get merried, it is useful to know that for "marriage" betwe...

Business in Dahab Why not? In Dahab you have a lot of business-possibilities, even with small money.

Dahab-Links Here you find some other websites about dahab

Changed phone numbers Egypt Your old phone numbers doesnt work anymore? The prefixes of all Egyptian mobile numbers have been modified as follows: From 010 to 0100 From 016 to 0106 From 019 to 0109 From 011 to 0111 Fro...

Must Do's in Dahab Dahab does not have many sites of interest - but there are some things here, which should interest you absolutely.

Taxi & Airport Transfer Compared to Sharm Sharm el Sheik, Taxi in Dahab is cheap. Support the Dahabian community by booking a taxi with a local Dahab resident driver. Here you can find infos about prices and our TAXI-HOTLINE.

What to bring with you The following items are highly recommended for a holiday in Dahab. Get the complete list!

Visa We tell you which kind of visa you need and where you can get it.

Lawyer Here you will find some attorneys and legal councilling and assistance in Dahab.

Laundry In Dahab you can let a bag of laundry for approximately 4 euro, washed within 24 hours: Fresh smell and ironing included.

Dictionaries Use online encyclopedias to translate simple words into arabic language.

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