Main currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound, international abbreviation 'EGP', local abbreviation 'LE'.
You can exchange money in all banks - in hotels, worse rates.

Cash machines:
- left next to the Ghazala-Market
- Seafront after "Chill out Restaurant"
- Mashraba Street neben Ahmed Clinic
- Hilton Hotel (New Dahab)
- Swiss Inn Hotel (New Dahab)

-> Attention: after entering the code, you have to press "enter" additionally.
-> If the machine doesn't pay out the money in the end, check your bank-statement !

- Mashraba Street after monument
- Mashraba Street after Ahmed Clinic (National Bank of Egypt, and Bank of Cairo)
- Seafront after "Chill out Restaurant" (only change)

Western Union: Mashraba Street next to Nesima

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