In egypt people love to bargain with tourists. All prices are too high in the beginning and will be agreed upon in a long process. Meanwhile you sit down, drink tee and talk about family and business. A big argument regarding the prices may appear, but you should not take it too serious - it's part of the show.

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Shisha: 50LE (very small) until 250 LE (big, heavy, more parts, with bag, cole and tobacco)
T-Shirt: 15-25 LE depending on quality
Towel: 35 LE (low quality), 50 LE (good quality)
Bottle of Water: 2 LE for 1,5 Litre and 5-6 LE for big bottles (5/6 Litres)
Cola, Fanta, Sprite: 2,5 for a can, 6 LE for 1,5 Litre
Wool Camel: 40 LE
Tin Can (beverages): 2 - 3 LE
Meat: 30-45 Pfund per kilo depending on quality
Fish: 30-50 LE per kilo depending on quality/fish
Bananas: 3-5 LE per kilo, depending on season
Oranges: 4-6 LE per kilo, depending on season
Mango: 6-10 LE per Kilo, depending on season

Negotiate the right way:
look shortly, dont show real interest. Look at more products at one time. Ask in unexpected moments for the prize of different products. Be shocked and scream: "Oh, too much!". Leave the place, but slowly. Dont tell a price, let the dealer give you new offers. If you tell a prize, maximum 1/3 of the first mentioned amount. As a good negotiator, you never pay more than 50 percent of the first prize.

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