Coloured and white canyon

Coloured canyon, white canyon and Ein Khudra

The canyons are a unique natural spectacle in the middle of the Sinai desert. You will find snakey narrow canyons with impressive multi-color sediments.

We go to 3 very beautiful places in one trip. Usually we spend the whole day over there leaving at 8 am and getting back at 6 pm. You will see the beautiful colored and white Canyons, and the Oasis of Ein Khudra.

Colored cayon

The Coloured Canyon presents one of the most magnificent rock formations in the world. The vegetation is very limited - lonely acacias, green capparis (capparis sinaica), tamarisk trees, willow trees, sodom apples (which are poisonous) and desert pumpkin. Now, the rock formations are an incomparable attraction: they vary from sandstone to limestone, granite and veins of basalt dominate the scenery through the entire hike.

With the Jeep you arrive on a plateau with very good sight to the mountains and the canyon right to your feet. When you start descending, you'll notice that many of the rocks are covered in a chalk-like powder - caused by being worn down by tourists. After about 20 minutes, it feels like walking through a dry riverbed. It is a must, besides watching your feet, to look around and above you (at some points, the walls reach some 20 stories in height) to realize that it is a geological wonderland. At some places, the rocks radiate crystalline colors, at others, they have a smooth velvety appearance. As the trip continues, the river gets smaller and smaller, and the walls plain from strong water-pressure in wintertime.

Except for one or two obstacles, it's fairly an easy hike. For example, at one point, one has to slide down through a vent, where the two sides of the Canyon almost touch each other and where maybe thousands of years ago, a fallen boulder had blocked the way, leaving a narrow opening underneath. On the other side of this obstacle, the Canyon floor gradually starts to rise again. A few minutes later, another obstacle appears where the best way to handle is to swing yourself around a huge rock to slide two meters down, or simply to jump over it.

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Ein Kudra

Tucked away between yellowish sandstone cliffs not far from the road linking St Katherine with Nuweiba and Dahab is one of Sinai's most scenic oases. Its Arabic name Ein Khudra (Green Oasis) perfectly describes this attractive locale where gushing fresh water springs nourish date palm gardens in the seemingly barren desert.
You will have a wonderful fresh cooked barbecue in the shades of palmtrees, resting for about one hour.

Mushroom Stone On our way to En Khoudra Oasis we pass by a big ancient coral-stone in form of a mushroom - its a special resting place for bedouins

White canyon

The white canyon is a bit smaller than the coloured canyon, and made off sandstone and limestone - thats where the brilliant white colour comes from. Our advise is to wear sunglasses to avoid damage to your eyes, because the light reflected in a very strong way.
On the entrance of the canyon you see a lot of hand-imprints from bedouin couples - based on an old fairy tale.
You descend the canyon with a ladder to a plateau and go back by jeep.

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Trip N.1- Salama small cloured canyon
Price: 200 LE per person

Trip N.2- Big oloured canyon
Price : 250 LE per persons ( min 5 persons )

1 day camel safari to White Canyon and Ain Khudra
The white canyon is located on the way to st Catherine, the canyon is made of white sandstone, we will drive one hour to reach the camels, then we ride the camels for half hour to reach the entrance of the canyon and we will hike in the canyon for 1 hour after that we will spend one hour in Ain khudra oasis for the lunch.
Departure from Dahab at 8:00am, return to Dahab at 5:00pm
Included: transportation, guide and lunch, pick up from your hotel
if 2 persons only: 400 LE per person
if 3-4 persons: 320 LE per person

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