Wadis around Dahab

Wadi Gunei

We leave Dahab by jeep to ride south to the "Southern Oasis". Here we pause to refresh with a swim/snorkelling or just relax amongst the palm trees before heading into the Wadi. Bedouin lunch is served and then you can explore deep into the Wadi where water erosion has formed the rocks into fantastic shapes and you can even see dry “waterfalls”, its hard to envisage that such a normally dry region can have enough rain to carve such dramatic features. After exploring/relaxing we mount up and drive back to Dahab.

Wadi Connection

Wadi Connection is a spacious valley 5km south-west of Dahab, surrounded by mystic mountains. It connects not only the former roads to Sharm el Sheikh, Wadi Gunei and Dahab - it is also a place to make connection between people. To see the stars, drink tea and relax. Highlight is a swimming-pool area with sunbeds, in the middle of the desert.
On this tour you will enjoy a traditional bedouin barbacue with tea and fish/chicken.

Price: 80 LE / person (10 €)

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